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Do you want to know how to better cope with the effects of stress and life's trials? Do you want to know how to defeat depression and have a more peaceful and satisfying existence? The Book of the Holy Spirit is the answer to those questions. It provides a structured and accelerated method of how to learn God's word, and explains how to use the power of the Holy Spirit to defeat depression and have a more joyful life. It is optimism, testimony, and instructions - all combined in a three-step process.

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The Forgotten World of Fred is a humorous memoir recounting the life of the central character named Fred. The story begins with a traumatic experience in his life as a 5 year-old little African-American child. Even though he is his own worst enemy, eventually he manages to make it to adulthood. Unusual but colorful people and events continued to confront him as he progressed toward being an adult. He lived in the shadows of segregation, and insecurity, and his life was a never-ending struggle with one thing or another. The book is based on true events, but the names and some places have been changed to protect the privacy of those involved.

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The Love of Priestess Sophiar – The slave owner Jack Hindrix died under suspicious circumstances and the plantation ownership was transferred to his son. But the slave Sophiar hated the whole Hindrix family and wanted to also kill the son by using her skills as a Voodoo priestess. However, she would soon discover her power was not her own to control. In this novel of adventure and mystery, the bitter hatred she had for the son was transformed into an undying love. From slavery to the modern world, her overpowering essence transcended the bounds of time as her spirit continued to exist and search for her long lost love. The story is placed in Ohio, Louisiana, and Tennessee.

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